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The Complete 2018 Guide To Build A Powerful Brand Online for Your Memorial Foundation

The exact strategies and systems you need to build your memorial foundation's brand, grow your for-purpose business, and make an impact on the world right from the internet.

Piecing your brand together through vague “tips” & “tricks” found on Google is not a real strategy.

Growing a foundation's brand online in 2018 is much like building a brand for a for-profit business. The only difference is that you are in business for a purpose. Learn the modern strategies to maximize your impact and increase your profit on purpose.  

9 Things You Need To Build An Powerful & Profitable Online Brand & Memorial Foundation

1. Brand Clarity

Getting full clarity on your foundation's brand mission, message & values. Who do you want to serve and how you will serve them?

2. Prospect Lead Generation

Most people don't come online to give, they come to take. So, give your audience something of value in exchange for an email address to immediately build trust AND generate new prospective donors and sponsors.

3. Social Meda Strategy

What platforms are best for you to share your story with your audience? When is your audience most active on those platforms?

4. Content Strategy

What do you need to share on various platforms and when do you need to post it in order to establish your authority and maximize your reach?

5. Website Strategy

Your website is a place for you to house everything that positions you as an expert. It’s a place where people can go to learn about why your cause matters AND the place people should go to send you funds for your foundation.

6. Visibility Strategy

Whether you’re new or seasoned to the online space, getting in front of your audience is something you need to do consistently to remain relevant. How will you be seen?

7. Signature Event or Offer

You need something to offer others in order to be an actual foundation. How can you package your message into a project, program, product or service that you can launch to receive funds? Even though we automatically think of donations when we think about nonprofits, in reality, much of the income for the charitable sector comes from fees for services and the sale of products.

6. Foundation Development

Once you’ve built a proven product and a trusted audience, you need to brainstorm ways that you can diversify your revenue streams.

9. Business Systems

In order for all of your strategies to work together in a streamlined fashion, you need the right software to uphold all of your business growth systems.

Plan out the 2018 success of your personal brand!

We’ve outlined everything you need to build a powerful and impactful memorial foundation brand online. It’s the exact step-by-step process I use when working with clients who want to see results! The success of your for-purpose business will be built on proven systems and strategies, not vague “tips & tricks”. Grab this guide to see the exact systems and strategies you need to implement today!

About Amberly

Amberly R. Carter, M.Ed (pronouns: she/her) is a student leadership and social justice educator. She is also the cousin of Emmett Till. 

In 2016, she launched Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. to assist families who have lost loved ones to community violence in the startup of their memorial foundations and at that time also assisted in the passing of The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016 (S.2854/HR.5067). The law calls for “the full accounting of all victims whose deaths or disappearances were the result of racially-motivated crimes” and for authorities to hold criminals accountable.

Amberly is the author of Advance Your Legacy: Power Moves for Building Influence and Buried Alive: Remembering 7 Lessons Mamie Taught Me on Black Leadership.

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