A membership program that teaches you how to build a brand that will grow your memorial foundation so that you can get more leads, more email subscribers, more traffic, and more donations. More of what your memorial foundation needs to be sustainable. 


The right type of tools and automation strategies for your foundation to offer merchandise, digital products, services and event tickets online.


Each month there will be targeted trainings dropped into the library for you to access when you are ready. You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to build a memorial foundation brand that grows your audience and converts them into donations and sales.


Connect with other families who are starting and growing their memorial foundations, too. They will provide you with the love and support you've been longing for to help you along the way and answer questions. Plus Group Strategy Sessions + Q&A with Amberly.

Exclusive Member Resource Bundles 

Modules-based system filled with resource bundles that include worksheets, templates, audio lessons, video tutorials and masterclasses to help you set up every content system in your business

Easy-to-use Checklists 

The step-by-step processes ensure that all your bases are covered. Video recorded, graphics created, social media scheduled. Never miss a step!  

Fillable Content Templates 

These simple plug-and-play templates help you create in less time. Fill in the blank and you’re one step closer to getting your content published. 

Step-by-step Training Videos 

Eliminate the headache of trying to figure out tech and set-up on your own. Want to create a landing page, or set up a webinar? There’s a training video for that. 

Complete & Targeted Trainings: 

An overview of some of the topics we cover inside of Mamie's Memorial Mastermind:  

  • Blog Post Creation
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Website Creation
  • Webinar Creation
  • Email Funnel Creation
  • Book Publishing
  • Podcast Creation
  • & More!

Community & Support: 

Having a supportive community is crucial to your success online. That’s why we’ve made it such an integral part of your memebership:

Virtual Co-working Space 

Our members-only social platfoms will give you access to like-minded people willing to offer feedback, give you advice, share their strategies, and be your supporter.

Group Strategy Sessions + Q&A

The monthly chat sessions with Amberly will be like progress check-ins. You’ll be able to pick Amberly's brain and troubleshoot your strategy. You’ll walk away with more clarity.

One-on-One Coaching Calls

 Need more specific training? Chat with Amberly one-on-one for advice and guidance in your online business efforts. This additional & specific expert help will skyrocket you to success!

5 Done-For-You Services 

Need a team to help you with your business? Our highest level instensive coaching program, provides complementary custom content creation services and instillation to setup your automation systems.


Losing a loved one to violence is stressful enough, but who is committed to helping you keep those precious memories alive?

Hi, my name is Amberly Carter, cousin of Emmett Till and Mamie Till Mobley. I am a memorial foundation strategist. Not too long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are. I remember getting that feeling of dread in my stomach a few weeks, sometimes days, before my launch because once again, I wasn’t sure anyone would support my justice work (It’s like time would always sneak up on me!) and I still had event fees that needed to be covered, regardless of how scared I was to ask people to pledge even a dollar. I was terrified to ask people to give their hard-earned money to my “thing”.

The crazy thing is, it’s not that my cause couldn’t generate financial support. Even in 1955, people cared about ending violence, some even cared about hate crimes back then, but I wondered if there was a better way to bring in backers and to turn them into loyal donors for my organization in the new age of social media and the world wide internet. I wanted to make a deeper impact with my events and initiatives. I knew in order to do that effectively, I needed to create a brand around my ideas, get noticed and expand my reach.

As a highly creative, passionate LEADER, I didn’t feel like the work I was doing in the nonprofit sector was really mattering or could create real sustainable change for my local community, let alone across the country. It was about Emmett and Mamie but it was also about all of the other families who had lost loved ones, too. While everyone else seemed perfectly happy giving a few dollars here and there to charities, just to check it off of their to-do list of good deeds, I knew that wasn’t me. It couldn’t be me. (Harsh, but true!) Deep down I knew that I would never be able to fully honor my life’s calling if I was working with insufficient funds. I knew I had to raise some “real money” to back my movement but how??? I was determined that I would figure it out, no matter what.

After working 40+ hours a week the last thing I had time to do was sit in front of a computer for hours trying to crawl thousands of websites searching for content to help me grow my brand. So, I tried to take a shortcut...

I first started by taking a long hard look at who I was approaching. I was sharing the same message to everyone on my Facebook friend’s list. Next, I took a look at what I was saying, how I said it and the amount of time it took me to say it. I was sending links on Facebook with extra long posts. I mean I was writing posts the length of a P.Hd dissertation and then way at the bottom sharing a link. I learned quickly that people don’t come to FB to give, they come to get or receive. Then, I started brainstorming all the different ways I could raise the amount of money I needed. With my plan written out, I immediately started taking action.

At first, things didn’t go so well as I experimented with what I was learning and made mistakes trying new things. Frustrated by all the roadblocks I was hitting, I began investing in different coaches, classes, courses, and workshops to learn what I needed to finally get ahead.

For a while – I’m not going to lie – I was investing a lot more than I was making. My family and friends all thought I was crazy but I continued to research and experiment until I “cracked the code” to getting the money needed to fulfill my purpose and follow my passion in life.

I received a FLOOD of call and emails asking me “how I did it,” so instead of trying to teach hundreds of people one-on-one, I decided to create Mamie's Memorial Mastermind.

Tell Me If You Can Relate… 

  • Every day, you find yourself promising THIS is going to be the day you finally do what you know you need to do. You know – research that grant, create a flyer to promote your scholarship event, send that thank you email to an associate who donated to your cause. But every day you get home from work and… don’t do it. You meant to… but after cooking dinner, making a few calls, checking your personal email inbox, updating your social media accounts and watching a little TV… the stuff you mean to do… just doesn’t get done.
  • You know exactly what you’d like to say, but you just can’t seem to find the time to say it. At this point you realize done is better than perfect (but you still kinda want it to be perfect otherwise, what was the purpose, right? I got you!)
  • You’ve tried planning a memorial celebration for your loved one last year but life kept getting in the way and time keep slipping by, the date came and went and now you want to get serious about your foundation and make it happen.

While it seems like everyone I talk to wants to make a deeper impact with their memorial foundation, I find that few acually take the time to foster new relationships, nuture the contacts they already have and finish the projects they’ve started. We over estimate what we can do in a day, but we underestimate what we can do in a lifetime. The courses and resources inside of Mamie's Memorial Mastermind give you a strategy that you can stick with so that you don’t experience burnout and focus on what is necessary.

72% of people, although you may be receiving “likes” on your posts aren’t even really giving what you’re saying much thought, because that’s not their preferred method for consuming the type of content that you are sharing. 

How long will you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? Isn’t it high past time you step up your game?

Though it took me years and thousands of dollars to learn this information, because I believe everyone should have the information they need to garner the funds and support for their purpose driven businesses, I wanted to make my most useful resources accessible to others.


You don' t have to read an endless amount of articles or waste hours and money trying to figure it out all by yourself...



Member Learning Portal

Monthly Trainings  

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$197 PER MONTH  

Member Learning Portal  

Monthly Trainings  

Members-Only Virtual Co-working Space

Monthly Group Strategy Sessions + Q&A with Amberly 

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$997 PER MONTH + $2499 SIGN UP FEE

Member Learning Portal  

Monthly Trainings  

Members-Only Virtual Co-working Space  

Monthly Group Strategy Sessions + Q&A with Amberly 

12 Private, 45-Minute One-on-One Coaching Calls

5 Done-For-You Services: Marketing Plan and Launch Template Foundation Funnel Page (Sales or Donations) Custom Speaker One Sheet 15 Custom Social Media Posts Email Funnel w/ 3 Emails Templates 

Cancel anytime. 


We want you to be 100% confident with your decision to become a member of Mamie's Memorial Mastermind.

Can I cancel at anytime?  

Yes. No contracts. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.  

I don't have a memorial foundation and don't plan on starting one anytime soon, can I still benefit from this program?  

The concepts you'll learn as a member of Mamie's Memorial Mastermind can benefit almost all types of cause-based businesses! We've applied and seen them work for creatives, bloggers, solopreneur, e-commerce, service based companies, non-profits and political campaigns.

Are the trainings relevant to foundations and businesses outside of the USA?  

Absolutely! We have members from around the world and experience across the globe, so we can answer your market specific questions!  

I barely have enough time to get all the things on my plate done now, how will I make time for this?  

Here’s the thing, life gets crazy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but how you spend it is based on what you prioritize. If growing your foundation is your priority, then Mamie's Memorial Mastermind is for you!  

How is the material presented? Can I access it on the go?  

Material is dripped into a dashboard as a monthly themed bundle (i.e. July - Facebook for Foundations Bundle) and it's modular content, exclusive downloads, audios and video tutorials are shared through our learning management system software that is also mobile optimized for learning on the go.  

Why does the Sisterhood level have a signup fee?  

The services provided at this level of membership include intensive one-one-one coaching calls, as well as custom and time sensitive done-for-you services. In order to bring you quality and favorable results, we require an upfront commitment that way we know we've both got some "skin in the game".

Any other questions you have?  

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