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When it comes to community empowerment, I am always open to finding more ways to create access and power where there has been none in the past. In serving the needs of families who have lost loved ones to community violence, I knew that we could bring our resources and our businesses together to effect change. Because of this, Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. created the We C.A.R.E. Marketplace. 

Set Aside Your Concerns 

All of our vendors must be verified before they can post their services on the We C.A.R.E. Marketplace. Once they've been verified they can manage their store's inventory and communicate with customers.

Vetted Vendors

You won't have to worry if these online businesses' services are legit.


We have a university knowledge base for you to learn helpful ways to utlize customer reviews to your advantage.


We'll also teach you powerful tactics to develop a loyal social following.

Now that we've outlined a few of our useful services in the video above, let's take a look at the benefits of the We C.A.R.E. Marketplace below.


How are we different from all other platforms from Craigslist to GoFundMe?

We know that people are more willing to support memorial foundation fundraising campaigns if they know how their money is being used. We are takng their practical needs and placing the solutions right in font of families that need love and support. If our parterner families aren't able to cover the cost of their needs, they can simply start a crowdfunding page for services they find on our website.


About Amberly

Amberly R. Carter, M.Ed (pronouns: she/her) is a student leadership and social justice educator. She is also the cousin of Emmett Till. In her full-time job, Amberly works as an Assistant Director at The University at Albany. In her role, she coordinates diversity and inclusion programs and facilitates dialogues for faculty, staff and students within the Multicultural Resource Center and Interfaith Center. 

Prior to working at The University at Albany, Amberly held positions at Morehead State University and Governors State University. Amberly graduated with a B.A. in English: Writing from Millikin University in Decatur, IL and holds an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction: Higher Education – College Student Affairs from The University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. 

In 2016, she launched Mamie Till Mobley Enterprise, Inc. to conduct live programs and online workshops on social justice education and at that time also assisted in the passing of The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016 (S.2854/HR.5067). The law calls for “the full accounting of all victims whose deaths or disappearances were the result of racially-motivated crimes” and for authorities to hold criminals accountable. The law summary also states that the DOJ and FBI will keep families regularly informed about the status of the investigations and make case information accessible to the public. Amberly is the author of Advance Your Legacy: Power Moves for Building Influence and Buried Alive: Remembering 7 Lessons Mamie Taught Me on Black Leadership.